15 October 2010

Feature Friday: Modest Ambition

Heidi Bobby Pin, Gray and White Crocheted Cozy Leaf Pin, Pumpkin with Vintage Green ButtonCloudy Day Scarf 

This Friday I'm featuring Anne of Modest Ambition. As many of us are beginning to think about our holiday shopping lists, I encourage you to check out Anne's shop on Etsy. She has fabulous snuggly items from scarves to shrugs. I am particularly fond of her bobby pins. Don't you think those would be a great stocking stuffer?

Have you completed your Christmas shopping list yet?


Pili said...

I'll have to check her shop!
More thinking about b-day presents than Christmas though...

Anne said...

Thanks La Alicia! We are approaching my favorite snuggly time of year :)

- modestambition

M.M.E. said...

She truly has a gift with the knitting needles.

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