24 April 2008

Every Day Should be Earth Day!

After the Earth Day post on the 22nd, I have had friends and coworkers who have wanted to add things to the list. Thanks to everyone who contributed. So here are some additional ways you can do a good turn for the earth.

- turn your computer, tv and cable box when not in use-- when these are left on they just consume energy

- car pool

- use reusable/recycle ready gift wrap like study gift bags or fabric gift bags or the cartoon pages from newspaper

- limit showers to 5 minutes

(confession time, although I have been shaving time off my showers for quite a while, I have not made it to five minutes yet, I'm still working on it keeping in mind that you save 10 gallons of water for every 2 minutes of shower time you eliminate)

- hang laundry out in the sun to dry

- if you must dry laundry make sure you empty the lint trap after each load, this makes your dryer more energy efficient

- compost

- when you order ice cream, get it in a cone -- this makes less trash -- good reasons for ice cream

- walk for transportation when possible, use "your" fuel instead of fossil fuel

-bank and pay bills online, this uses less paper

- use a mug of your own at work instead of wasting disposable cups

- cut down on unrequested mail by going to www.dmachoice.org/mps and requesting to be removed from their members mailing lists

- set up a recycling center in your home, if it's simple it will be easier to make it part of your routine

If you have other ideas to share, please feel free to post them as comments!


Bejeweled said...

Some wonderful Earth Day ideas! Thanks for sharing!!

Helen said...

Great Earth Day ideas. We have clean-up's all over our county today! I hope it doesn't rain.

Rosebud Collection said...

What great ideas..Some I have always done..hang wash..Would you believe in the winter, bring the clothes in stiff as boards..froze on line. Never used dryers..I have helped this earth for years and didn't know it.

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