22 April 2008

Earth Day: Find Another Way to Be Green

Earth Day is a day intended to inspire awareness of and appreciation for the Earth's environment. The United States celebrates on April 22. Today as a matter of fact.

Here are a few terms you may or may not be familiar with, definitions in this post are compliments of wikipedia.com.

RECYCLING is the reprocessing of old materials into new products, with the aims of preventing the waste of potentially useful materials, reducing the consumption of fresh raw materials and reducing energy usage. For example: Paper bags being recycled into new paper bags. Water bottles being recycled into fleece like fabric for jackets and hats.

UPCYCLING is the practice of taking something that is disposable and transforming it into something of greater use and value. For example: Upcycling an empty cigar box into a clock. Upcycling a juice jar into a terrarium.

FREEGANISM is an anti-consumerism lifestyle whereby people employ alternative living strategies based on "limited participation in the conventional economy and minimal consumption of resources. Freegans embrace community, generosity, social concern, freedom, cooperation, and sharing in opposition to a society based on materialism, moral apathy, competition, conformity, and greed. For example: On trash day, a Freegan may explore the street before the trash truck arrives for usable items such as a chair that needs repair but is perfectly usable.

On this 37th celebration of Earth Day, I encourage you to do something good for the earth today. Whether it's recycling, upcycling or exploring freeganism -- try something new today. Here are a few more ideas:
• Use canvas bags to get your weekly shopping home.
• Have a "Lights Out Night" once a week at your house. Sit in the dark and tell ghost stories.
• Try sharing clothes you never wear anymore with friends or a charity.
• Plant a vegetable and herb garden and share your harvest with your neighbors.
• Buy products that use less packaging.
• Etsy is a great place to find many recycled and upcycled handmade goods!
Check out my shop, http://laalicia.etsy.com

Happy Earth Day! :)


LazyTcrochet said...

I love the Lights Out Night idea. The kids always love it when the power goes out anyway. They're funny like that.
I had never heard the term Freegan before either...very interesting. Thanks!

Sarah Niemela said...

What some great ideas! Thanks!

Allison said...

All really excellent tips + ideas!

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