21 December 2013

Printable: Bottle Tags


ZOOM! How did the holiday season get here so fast?

I designed these little bottle tags for those gifts that are difficult to tag - wine, olive oil, vinegar and anything in a bottle. I love to make my own flavored vinegars and olive oils -- they are delish and make great gifts.

Here are some easy instructions and recipes for flavored vinegars and oils if you'd like to make your own. You can also purchase them in specialty shops if you didn't get the DIY gene or are in a hurry for last minute items. :)

Download them by saving the image below and printing it out on letter size card stock. If you're giving oil or vinegar the back of this tag is a great place to share your fave recipe using the item.

Happy Gift Tagging!

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Sonya Kanelstrand said...

These bottle tags look lovely! I would love to use them tomorrow, on New Year's Eve when I get the wine to the party!

Have a very successful year, full of love!

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