05 December 2013

Eco Gift Guide

It's that holiday shopping time of year again already! So I put together a list of eco happy, tasty treats to help you with that shopping list. Here are six ways to support small business this year. Just click on the item below to go to the item page and learn all about it.

1. Lucky Fisherman's Anise Soap, $5.50 by Aquarian Bath
This vegan handmade Anise Soap is made with all natural Anise Seed essential oil, which is often used as a flavoring in black licorice. We hand stamped these soaps with fish, because according to herbal lore Anise Seed is reported to be attractive fish.

2.  Red Bicycle Notebook, $10 by Made By Rori
Ride right with this fun notebook. This notebook is 3.5 x 5.5 inches with a pocket inside the back cover and lined pages. The front of this kraft notebook is handstamped.

3. Eco Chic Paper Zinnia, $55 Pin by La Alicia
Who knew that the contents of my mailbox (catalogs, uninvited mail and magazines) could add a little paper floral zing to a girl's outfit? No two pins are exactly alike.

4. English Toffee, $12 by Austin Mason
The best English Toffee this side of the Atlantic! At least, that's what we think at Austin Mason and from the feedback we've gotten, others agree.

5. Organic Herbal Shea Butter Solid Lotion Bar, $8 by Herban Lifestyle
This warmly herbal-smelling, richly emollient solid lotion bar is made with Fair Trade organic shea butter and scented with organic lavender and clary sage essential oil.

6. 15" Laptop Sleeve With Pocket, $49 by Sew Beastly
Do you ever wish you could keep your laptop and techie gadgets in one place when out and about?
Now you can with the zippered pocket on our sleeves.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for including my solid lotion in your wonderful green gift guide! Happy Holidays!

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