07 March 2012

Word for Wednesday

Today's word is skyjacked. I can't remember where I learned this. This term refers to being done wrong by an airline.

I'm sorry to be late for the meeting, I was skyjacked in Los Angeles.

What fun new words have you learned this year?


Pili said...

Well, that's so very appropiate for when I was stuck in London for 5 days due to how useless London Heathrow was with the snow! ;)

Holly said...

You know, I think most of the new words I've learned this year have actually been acquired right here on your blog!

Whee Gina said...

Originally Skyjacked meant Hijacked in the sky. As in taken by unauthorized persons for their own purposes. Like kidnapping a vehicle. I have never heard anyone use the word Skyjacked used to mean inconvenienced, as you defined it here!

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