19 March 2012

Eco Monday: Three Good Things

I can't remember when exactly this started, but at some point I decided to do three good things a day for the earth. Bonus points for extras over three a day. It's interesting over time how these new habits have stuck and I have adopted additional good things for the earth into my routine.

I was recently tweeting about all this with @smallftprints and she shared her three good things for the day. We've been having a good time sharing them on twitter

• Take shorter showers to save water
• Use reusable shopping bags
• Carpool to work
• Turn the water heater down a few degrees to save energy
• Carry a reusable water bottle and stop buying water in plastic bottles
• Water your plants with grey water
• Get your shoes resoled instead of getting new ones
• Walk instead of drive
• Shop your local Farmer's Market
• Use kitchen towels instead of paper towels

So, what are your three good things today?


Pili said...

I do the save water with short showers, carry reusable bags for the shopping and the stainless steel bottle to drink instead of plastic ones.

I've also started to walk around to places more than use the car.

Small Footprints said...

Oh I love this!! Sometimes when we decide to "go green", it's a bit overwhelming. But thinking about three good things makes it manageable and fun! Okay, my 3 for today: 1) turn off the water heater, 2) walk instead of drive, 3) cook using my crockpot. I'm off to spread the word! Thanks for the inspiration! :-)

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