01 June 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Audubon

It's that time of year again -- wedding season!

A friend of mine recently got engaged and was asking for help with wedding ideas that are green and earth friendly. Here are some fun Audubon themed ideas I shared with her. Tweet!

One of my fave places in DFW is the Trinity River Audubon Center. It's an absolutely beautiful place, an LEED certified building and would be a fantastic place to get married especially if the couple is into nature and birds -- and they are.
This sweet handkerchief from SheriAngellCreations could be the bride's something blue and something new all at once. Since it's vintage, it's a green item and so cute and feminine.

I love this rustic bird band ring from tinahdee because it looks so much like the bands that are used to mark birds while being a totally sweet ring. (and with your wedding date on your finger -- how could you ever forget an anniversary?) It's nice that's it different than a traditional ring.

If you check out this artist's profile on Etsy, you'll learn that she enjoys the sensuous nature of working with metals. If you asked nicely, I bet she would even use recycled silver to make your ring.

This boutonnière totally melted my heart. Can you imagine this creation from pompandplumage on the groomsmen's suits?

Ok, I can't leave out the adorable flower girl dress! How cute is this little dress from OliviaKateCouture?

Those were the thoughts I shared with her. I loved seeing her reactions. It was fun to have that girl talk time with her, now back to my regular life. :)

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Pili said...

Those are some really lovely ideas! And the flower girl dress is something I need to check!

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