06 June 2011

Eco Monday: How would you recycle these?

So, fellow crafties how would you recycle these?

What are they?

They the plastic rings that you pull out of something in a carton before you use it -- like Soy Milk, Juice, etc.

So tell me, what would you do to repurpose these?

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David Patton said...

For me I might create a swag light fixture that uses these as an awesome shade either draped or fixed to play well with the trend in fixed crystals. I could also probably integrate this into some decor items in a similar way.

For you though I could easily see jewelry items such as a wrist chain or even doubled up (Clam Shelled) as an awesome locket for around the neck. That's your territory I'm stepping into though. I'm sure you have a bunch of awesome idea's already!

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