25 April 2011

EcoMonday: Cease the Grease, Please!

At a recent Earth Day celebration, I met a very knowledgeable lady, named Helen, who was running a table for the Dallas Water Utility to reminder people not to put grease down the drain - Cease the Grease. I learned so much having a table next to hers -- I just have to share all the cool stuff I learned!

In short, don't put oil, grease or fats down the drain (duh!) -- it can really make problems down the line for your pipes and the city's sewer system. Be sure to scrape your plates before you wash them to keep as much as you can out of the water system. If you cook something that results in lots of grease, like a big fish fry or frying a turkey, think before you toss that oil. Did you know that you can drop off that oil and it will be shared with the Dallas Independent School District to be processed and used as bio-fuel for school buses? This process saved the city $300,000 last year! WHOA! Those are HUGE results!

How can you get involved? When you cook and have left over oil, collect it in a plastic bottle like what it came in. You can drop it off at many local drop off stations. This is non-animal fat that's liquid at room temperature. Help the kiddos get to school and keep the pipes clean.

Here are some locations where you can drop off your oil;

• 4901 Maple Ave., Dallas, TX 75235 (Elliot's Hardware, by propane exchange)
• 11234 Plano Rd., Dallas, TX 75243 (Home Collection Chemical Center)
• 4849 W. Illinois Ave., Dallas, TX 75211 (East and Westside entrances)
• 12800 Abrams Rd., Dallas, TX 75243 (Next to soccer field)
• 4615 W. Lover's Lane, Dallas, TX 75209 (Cake Italiano)
• 702 N. Buckner Blvd., Dallas, TX 75218 (The Green Spot)
• 1010 S. Pear Expressway, Dallas, TX 75201 (Dallas Farmer's Market south side of shed 2)
• Brookhaven College (on the West side of the baseball field)

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Pili said...

That's fantastic! And of course, every lil tidbit of information is always useful, even if it's only to remind us of some of the more duh! ones we might forget about!

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