03 January 2011

Eco Monday: Green Your Mailbox

It's a new week, why not start it with a decision you'll be happy with all year?

Around the holidays, we all get tons of catalogs from vendors wanting us to buy something. They influx of catalogs seems to peak around the second week of November and we're left wondering what to do with them all. You can change this by visiting the catalogchoice.org site to select which catalogs you'd like the receive and which ones you can do without.

On the same site, you may also adjust your choices about receiving phone books. Many cities have decided to stop printing them while other cities have not jumped on that bandwagon just yet.

Not only will your mailbox feel a little more roomy, there will also be less stuff going to the landfills!

Happy Green New Year.

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Pili said...

Over here, banks are not sending any bills or monthly extracts, unless you request them. You can check them online.

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