21 June 2010

Eco Monday: Special Order Completed

I've been working on a custom map bag for a customer who placed the order at the Spring Bash 2010. I finally finished it just in time for her to take it to Europe with her! In the first picture, you can see all the raw ingredients for the bag. The second picture shows the shell of the bag without the lining and handle.

I love working on custom orders especially the ones using maps. The bag was customized to the measurements that would hold the papers she needed with her at all times during her travels. We were in constant contact while I was working on the bag to customize the strap length to work as a mini messenger as well as communicating about the lining and zipper color.

Completing these kinds of bags makes me so happy because they are made from out of date maps and fabric remnants that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Giving things a new purpose is very satisfying.

Bon Voyage, Gretchen! Safe Travels.


Pili said...

What an amazing idea! I love it!
And I'm sure the owner must love it too!

Rosebud Collection said...

I want to say, that is beautiful work you are doing..The bag is lovely and you should feel very proud..I was amazed..
Just something so different and eco friendly..Good for you.

gretchenmist said...

ooh, it's great!

bianca said...

whaaa that is a lot of work you have put in that bag and the result is superb!


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