03 January 2009

Coffee from Colombia

I have seen the oddest misspelling in our coffee bar at work for the last month or so. When coffee is made, it is labeled either "Decaf" or "ColombiaM". The correct word to refer to coffee from Colombia is "ColombiaN".

I was talking with one of my coworkers a few mornings ago and we were laughing about it. I went into the coffee bar this morning to replenish my cup and soneone had corrected the mistake. It totally made me smile. I realize it isn't up on a 30 foot billboard but it did make me happy to see it corrected. It's the little things...

What odd little thing make you smile?

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Rosebud Collection said...

I probably would never have noticed..I am a lousy speller..
Trying to catch up on my blogging friends..for some reason, having a slow start this New Year..

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