12 November 2008

New Shoes for Esmerelda...

I took my car, Esmerelda (she's green), to the shop to renew my inspection sticker. I was told I would be there less than an hour. I needed new wiper blades -- I seem to need those every year. Is this a scam cooked up by the inspectors and the wiper manufacturer?

AND I needed new tires! OUCH! Two hours and several hundred dollars later, I left the shop in my newly shoed, happy, inspected car that had just had a bath. She rode so much smoother than before -- the new tires and alignment really had made a difference and she was so twinkly and shiny in the sun. Ok, it sounded like a chunk of $$ for tires but it will affect the safety and gas mileage on my car and it was surely worth it.

Does your car have a name?

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Meekiyu said...

Ah... I don't drive... driving in the city is not good... Your car has one memorizing name and yes I think someone is in cohoots with someone in the automobile industry... something always need to be fixed... my BF's car is named Jica... don't know why... and my computer is named Chugga... for good reasons... lolol

enjoy the pimped out ride =P

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