07 November 2008

Flu season...

So many people at the office where I am working have had a nasty run in with the flu already. There has been a nasty respiratory strain going around that makes people sound like they will cough up a lung. As if that wasn't enough...there is another strain rampant around the area that is of the digestive tract variety. Why people come to work sick, I will never understand. Sharing the germs with others is not a desired office behavior.

I got my flu shot early this year and thankfully haven't had a personal experience with either strain. If you haven't received the shot yet, here is some great information on the Thimersol/Mercury free shots available. Also, there are tons of places where it is available. Most drug stores have a window of time when they administer the shots. Just do an internet search on your "zip code and flu shot" to find locations close to you. Also, you can check out FluShotsUSA for dates and locations in your area. For the needle-haters, FluMist is thankfully available -- no drama needed. The last thing any of us want is to be sick over the holidays.

To your health!

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Rosebud Collection said...

Glad you are doing fine and didn't catch the bug..Nasty time..change of weather and all..Keep healthy.

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