22 October 2008

Farmer's Market follow up!

So, the Coppell Farmer's Market was really fun. I got up before the sun that morning to get ready and covered myself with SPF. At the last outdoor event I got sunburnt and did not care to see a repeat performance. I had packed my car the night before and was excited to get to the event. I felt slightly foolish with my sunglasses on my head smelling of sunscreen when I backed out of the garage and it was DARK outside. I got to the set up and with in moments of finding my space, I heard a familiar voice shout my name. It was Tamara of TPDesign -- we were at the Etsy BeerBQ with spaces accross from each other -- she was there with Cherry of Cherry's Creations. What a nice surprise, I had NO IDEA that they would be there! I love running into other Etsians -- it just makes my day! Tamara is now my both buddy becuase we always end up accross from each other at events! (Hi Buddy!)

They both brought their sons and they had the best time entertaining each other! :) The quote of the day came from Cherry's son - "I don't accept hashbrowns". Tamara's angelic haired little boy approached the lemonade stand and appeared to be offering hashbrowns for lemonade -- it was hilarious! ;) There were many moments of hilarity including Tamara taunting me with curly fries! A good day was had by all.

There was a great bit of traffic at the event and the weather was lovely and a bit windy. I've posted some of my pics. I didin't take many since my battery was low and they aren't huge since I took them with my camera phone.


Jen said...

That looks so fun! Nothing beats a day at the market!

Rosebud Collection said...

What a fun time you had..It always makes it nice when you are with people you like..

Forever Foxed said...

I'm rather envious as I've NEVER bumped into a fellow etsian! Most people over here in the UK have never heard of it.

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