27 October 2008


Ok, so it was pretty this morning and I opened the balcony door to get a little fresh air. I had breakfast and got cleaned up. While I was drying my hair, something buzzed in one of the lights in the bathroom and I thought a fly had snuck in (I know, I should have put up the screeen -- I wasn't thinking.). I turned off the dryer and realized that it was actually a BEE! I tried the power of suggestion thing -- thinking very loudly -- "bee get out"! It moved closer to the door and hung out there. So I turned on the bedroom light and turned off the bathroom light -- it seemed to be attracted to light. Alas, the bee liked the bathroom and landed and claimed a spot on the floor.

I trapped him under my water glass, I'll call him Willie. Willie the bee seemed happy under the glass and I finished drying my hair. I got a piece of recyled 100# card stock to slide under the glass and took him outside in his makeshift "cage". I was afraid if I didn't trap him that I would step on him or he would sting me and he just seemed like he wasn't ready to leave. I took him out to the balcony and removed the glass. He just sat there.I closed the door to discourage him from coming back in. I checked on him 2 more times before I left. The last time, I took my camera and took his pic -- haven't downloaded it yet so I hope it came out. He was still there when I left for work. I think I adopted a pet bee that I call Willie. What an odd way to start the day/week. IT is NOT Bee Season! What an odd adventure! (I feel like I was in Alice in Wonderland.)


Forever Foxed said...

I hope Willie the bee is OK.
Looks like you've got yourself a new pet, lol.

Kala Pohl Studio said...

Yep, Willie definitely likes you:):)

Hey Harriet said...

Oh I hope the pic of Willie turned out. I'd like to see your pet bee :)

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