14 July 2008

Fun with words!

Do you remember these from when you were a kid? Mad libs -- I love them! I'm adult and I still LOVE them! I'm thinking about starting a Monday MadLib Adventure (I'll write the madlib with the blanks). Mondays always have an unpleasant tinge to them -- so something fun will make it easier to deal with it being Monday ALREADY. If this is popular, I will make it part of my Monday routine. :)

Ok, so here goes. For this week I will need;
3 adjectives
5 singluar nouns
4 plural nouns
1 number
1 person in the room

If each person will list a few words, I will plug them and post what we have written together tomorrow! :) I bet it'll funny!

C'mon...it won't hurt!


Anonymous said...

I love playing with words. It makes written communication so much fun...

Rosebud Collection said...

It is funny, but I just remembered a game my family played as we ate dinner..My father/mother would say,"something on the table begins with..." Just say, s..then we would guess all the s things till we got what they were thinking..It was a fun game and played it with my girls at dinnertime..good learning game too..

PiercedBeauty said...

Hey - thanks for your comment on my blog. Appologies for the delayed reply - been traveling around NZ since Saturday last week! Nearly home now :)

You have a lovely blogg - i have bookmarked you hehe :)

brightonEarly said...

No one's leaving words? I will!

Gross, Purple, Crippled
Pillow, Tornado, Britney Spears, Ruler, Needle
Ghosts, Bananas, Motorcycles, Movie stars
and um...you?


Cute blog!

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