20 July 2008

Dental Emergency

I apologize to the bloglands for my abscence. I cracked a tooth and it took a couple days to realize/recover etc. I am feeling much better and here are a few of the non-gory details.

When I ate a sandwich for lunch on Monday, I was fine. When I drank water at my desk later in the day, the left side of my mouth was in pain. Hadn't had anything but allergies and was clueless about what was going on. I called the dentist's office to see if I could get an appointment to find out what was going on in there. I went to the dentist mid-morning on Thursday and the dentist discovered I had a cracked tooth in the very back of my mouth. UGH! That is the LAST thing I wanted to hear besides root canal. So, the solution was a crown. The sounds of a dentist's drill sets me completely on edge!! Luckily, the appointment after mine had to cancel, so they went ahead and started a crown for me. I know if I had left the office and had to come back, I would have had a really hard time making myself go back to the office. So, for two weeks I have a temporary crown. I am incredibly relieved to no longer have a cracked tooth. I didn't realize how much my tooth was bothering me til it felt better! Now, the figuring out how to pay for it...well, I have to get that sorted next.

If you suspect a dental issue -- go to the dentist. If you wait -- it will just get worse.

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