25 May 2008

Summer Reading

Recently, my commute to work has grown to one hour in each direction. To quiet my potential for road rage and pass the time more pleasantly -- I started listening to books on CD. This past week, I finished Sweetness in the Belly by Camilla Gibb who has a degree in social anthropology. Since this has always been a big interest of mine, I was delighted to come across her book on CD at the library.

The story is about a woman named Lilly who has hippie parents and her adventures growing up through becoming a young lady. The story takes place mostly in London but has many references to Africa and her time there. Gibb writes about some very controversial topics -- but she treads on these topics gently. The novel is very international with themes of faith, love, hardships and family. I absolutely love her descriptions - they are incredibly colorful. About two thirds of the way through the book the meaning of the name of the book is revealed. Although I felt a bit melancholy finishing the book, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Other works by this author include;
The Petty Details of So-in-So's Life
Mouthing the Words: A Novel

I will be starting Steve Martin's Shopgirl this next week. What are you reading this summer?


Beat Black said...

my sister did the same thing when when her every day drive became too long. its such a good way to spend the time and the best part is you don't feel like you've wasted it!

Anna Laura said...

I used to listen to talking books on my way to work (only half and hour each way) and I loved it. I looked forward to the trip and sometimes would arrive at school wiping away tears if it was a sad story.

The only issue I had was two out of the three books I listened to had readers who were not that great. They would put on these very fake sounding US accents (I know what they sound like, when I do one I hear it!) even though I think they were from the US. It was slightly annoying, but I still loved the books.

Shannon said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog and the encouraging words!

Shannon said...

That is a great idea to listen to books on tape. Driving to work , with a good cup of coffee, and a book on tape gives driving to work a whole new experience. Have fun:)

Rosebud Collection said...

I am ashamed of myself..My reading is slipping, since I got into blogging..
This has got to change..Your doing good..

Callooh Callay said...

Sounds like a great book--I took notes. I used to commute and got to where I could be pretty calm about it all, and now if I get out there I go nuts again! Takes practice.

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