11 May 2008

BeerBQ Reminder

It's one week from today -- the First Annual Etsy Dallas BeerBQ. Please click on the flyer to enlarge it to see all the details and a map of how to get there.

Only the first 25 to arrive at the event will receive goodie bags chocked full of goodies from our shops and coupons for future purchases. (the event is from 11-5 on May 18) There's also a raffle for a tote filled with more crafty goodness from Etsy Dallas -- be sure to look for the table and sign up!

Bring a friend, have a little lunch, listen to the live music, shop for those gifts (father's day, baby shower, birthdays) and make an adventure of it. Hope to see you there!


CURU said...

Wow, a beerbq is a seriously good idea. I wonder if the New Jersey Etsians would be interested in something like that.

Hey Harriet said...

Doh! That sounds like so much fun! I'd go for sure if I lived closer! Hope you have a great day & it's a big success :)

La Alicia said...

thanks, planning on taking lots of pictures -- will post them here after the event :)

Hollymark said...

i wish i could go! too bad i'm all the way in kentucky :(

Annabelle said...

Maybe I can still get a plane ticket -- I really want that bag.

He, he.


La Alicia said...

annabelle, it's funny you say that -- many Dallas Etsians have mentioned how interested there are in the bags too. I've even heard people chat about trading for the bags! The BeerBQ is gonna be a hoot. I'll take lots of pictures and give you the scoop on the bags! :) I hope I get to peek at at least one!

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