06 February 2014

Moving...Box 4

How can you make packing more green?

You can avoid using extra sources of padding by using linens, pillows, stuffed animals and towels as padding in your boxes. If you do need additional padding focus on using already recycled or easily recyclable sources of padding. Newspaper, already used packing materials and kraft paper are great for this. Also, boxes from liquor store can be great for packing breakables from the kitchen since many come with dividers built into the box that can easily give extra padding to things like glasses, canisters and vases.

See if you know anyone else who's moving just before you, see if they'll save their packing materials for you to use. It will save you looking for it and then disposing of it -- and it will get used one more time. You may even be able to find someone else who's moving and keep passing it on.


Small Footprints said...

Great tips, Alicia. I've used liquor store boxes in my moves ... they are sturdy and a good size to carry. And if one is packing glasses, the dividers in liquor store boxes comes in real handy. Here's another tip, check Freecycle.com for packing materials. Many people will list boxes, etc. which they no longer need. And, you can also place a "want" add so that if someone is thinking about what to do with their moving materials, they can contact you.

La Alicia said...

Great idea! I'll put my boxes on freecycle when I finish with them! :)

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