06 July 2013

You will be missed...

My friend Laura passed away last night. She fought a hard core battle against pancreatic cancer. She went through many rounds of chemo, lost her hair multiple times and still managed to keep her sense of humor.

When I didn't recognize her one afternoon when we met for lunch -- she blamed it on a "bad wig day".  :)

I originally met her through a local group of handmakers. She was a lovely person with an easy smile and a wicked sense of humor. She designed and sewed beautiful quilts that made people happy. She did lots of custom orders and always had a quilt going.

Her dogs (Daisy and Jess, pictured) were truly her furry babies and they were recently rehomed in South Dallas with the right humans. I know she was so incredibly relieved to find the right next home for them.

You will be missed, Laura. May you always have a full bobbin.

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Rebecca English said...

I'm so sorry you lost a good good friend - they are hard to replace! A lovely post in memory of her and I'm so happy her babies are safe and sound!

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