21 March 2013

Dream Box

The Dream Box Kit that I won during the #RBBIZ Summit is finally complete. It came with a cute little booklet that asked questions to inspire what you decoupaged on the box -- very cool and really fun. (it also came with the cutest little bottle of modpodge and a tiny foam brush)

I'm still doing some work on the cards that go inside. I thought I'd share how it turned out. So excited about it! I love having it on my desk while working. If I stumble on a decision -- all I have to do is consult the box! :)

This was a great experience for me -- I highly recommend it! Have you done a dream box? How did it turn out?

I want to shout out a big THANKS to Jennifer Lee for the box and the #rbbiz conference. I really got so much out of it all! 


Pili said...

That really sounds like an awesome idea!

Yours is looking great too!

Sheila said...

Great start on the road to reaching your goals!

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