08 January 2013

Start 2013 Green

It's a new year with a clean slate and time to do the green thing. Here are a few thoughts to start your year off right;

Mulch Your Christmas Tree
Yes, it's still January and many of us still have our trees up. It's ok, I know a couple families who wait  until Valentine's Day to take 'em down. Whenever you take down the tree, be sure to check with your city to see where you can mulch it. Many cities then use the mulch in their parks and community areas.

Re-examine Your Eating
In the new year, we all want to try new things. Take a look at what you've been eating. Do you grow it? Is it grown locally? Although it's difficult to grow everything we may need, Farmer's Markets are a great way to fill the void. The majority of farmer's markets have a nice variety of fruits, vegetables, honey, herbs, bread and natural home goods. Find one near you with your zip code here.

Recycle Your Electronics
So many people got new electronic gadgets for the holidays. What will you do with your old gadgets? If they are in working order, passing the on to a family member or friend that would enjoy them. If they are no longer working, check with your city to see where you can dispose of the safely.


Small Footprints said...

Excellent tips!! If everyone took just these three simple steps ... wow ... what a difference it would make. Thanks for sharing!

CelloMom said...

Great tips! we are lucky to have Christmas tree collection in the county. They mulch it like brush, and resident can come pick up whatever mulch we need for the yard. They also make compost of the fall leaves they pick up, it's a great deal.

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