11 April 2012

Word for Wednesday

Today's word is sneakernet. This word was brought to my attention by coworkers during a hiccup on our server. We couldn't share files on the jacked server, so we shared them non-electronically by putting them on a jump drive and walking them (the sneaker part) to one another's desks. This is highly inefficient but desperate times call for desperate measures, right?!

Today the highly sophisticated servers were down, so to share files we went old school – that's right, we sneakernetted.

What fun new words have you learned this year?


Pili said...

Now, that's a fun new word I hadn't heard before!

Dana @ Cooking At Cafe D said...

Yep, that's very OLD computer tech slang word.

Back in the day, small offices sometimes only had 1 computer connected to the internet, another might have had a printer. Another might have been the storage.)

The PCs weren't networked together - or if they were, not well, so you couldn't simply press a button over here and print over there.

(Can you imagine if everytime you needed something from the internet you had to walk across the room to use the single dedicated internet computer?)

Sneakernet was putting your files on a floppy disk (either 5 and 1/4 or 3.5 inch) and walking them over to the other PC. Inserting the floppy and printing...lol.

Thanks for the blast from the past!

Holly said...

I learned a good one recently and tried to commit it to memory JUST so I could post it here. And now I forgot. :-(

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