16 August 2010

EcoMonday: New Harmony

New Harmony Studio is my latest local eco discovery. They have a lovely shop that sells eco-friendly goods from local artists in the front of their space. Unique collages, jewelry, candles, bags, aprons, t-shirts, comestibles, yoga wear and more. They have periodic yoga classes open to the public and a fabulous juice bar. The owner, Holly Price, makes a body-friendly line of yoga wear that is dyed using natural pigments. The colors are muted earth tones that would compliment any complexion. I just love that their space and products are so eco friendly.

Not too long ago, I particpated in a trunk show there and found some of the nicest people in DFW. I felt at home and enjoyed getting to know everyone and the space which also includes an art gallery. From the street, you'd never guess that all that green goodness is hiding behind the door.

I highly recommend visiting. A little birdie told me that there will be some new comfy styles coming soon from Yoga Fibers. Keep an eye on their website for the latest or friend them on Facebook to hear about new developments as they happen.

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