23 December 2009

Extra Kind

I recently had lunch with a group of friends to catch up and celebrate the holidays a little early. We had a great time catching up on people's promotions at work, who's newly pregnant and so on. But something I didn't expect was everyone's "holiday drama". Many people think of the holidays as a Norman Rockwellian moment with family while, in truth, no one is having that idealistic moment.

Without revealing anyone's name or identifying details, there were cases of all of the following at our lunch table; families who have cancelled Christmas gift exchange this year due to the economy, people who have planned major surgery during the holiday because it is the only paid time of they ever get, a step parent who is trying to push an uninvited make over on their adult single step child, a family working on their house not being sure if there will be a space for their invited family members to comfortably stay with them (knowing it's too late to get a hotel reservation) and the list goes on and on. So please let this post be a reminder to show those around you this holiday season a little extra kindness. Everyone has their stressors this time of year and would appreciate a tiny act of kindness.

Smiling is free. Letting that person with one item go before you in line when you have a basketful of groceries to feed an army only costs a minute of time. Not battling your fellow humans for that last parking spot is being the bigger person and you get a little excercise walking across the lot.

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