11 July 2009

Join the 3/50 project

So one of my newest fave blogs is feltandwire.com the blog for Mohawk Paper. I love the writing style on the site and they blog about cool things other than paper too. (I am such a paper junkie.) They ran an article at the end of last month all about the 3/50 Project. I read the article and about fell out of my chair. It is exactly what I have been saying for so long and they have the numbers and statistics to back it up. Their basic premise is to support your local economy by patronizing locally owned independent businesses. They suggest that if each of us spent $50 total a month at our 3 favorite locally owned businesses each month we could seriously boost our local economies. The majority of the money you spend flows back into the local economy through paychecks, taxes, etc. The amount drops drastically when you shop in those mega chain stores. So think it over carefully before you select the next business where you'll spend your dollars.

So, what are your three? What three locally owned independent businesses would you miss if they closed? Here are my three;
• Boba Tea
• The Argentinian Bakery
• Dunes

Do what you can to support your local area. Stop by your 3 fave local shops regularly (change up your three occasionally) and support them, tell your friends about them and watch the local economy around you bounce back. It's a win-win-win.


Jaya Wagle said...


Just came back from the TPSG show. It was great. Thanks for pointing it. :)
Wanted ur permission before put a link to ur 3/50 project on my blog?

Curtis Collectables :) said...

You have such a cute blog! You've inspired me to check out my local coffee shop tomorrow and get one of their smoothies. I remember them as being the best. Thanks.

Rosebud Collection said...

It is very sad here..most shops have closed. I think two/three are left. True, we live in a small town, but was a lively town when we came..

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