07 June 2009

volunteer for the deco committee

A friend of mine is head of the decoration committee for the DSVC show here in Dallas, TX. It's happening next month and she invited over a couple dozen people for an origami party to help fold origami cranes for the events centerpieces. It was really fun, she had refreshments and it was hilarious to try to figure out what to do next to create a paper crane. Thankfully, there were a couple people there who are practically pros and they were uber helpful! I think her cats thought we had invaded THEIR home! :)

She sent us home with extra paper once we mastered the crane to make more for the show. Once you make two or three - you get in the zone. Here's the flock I created -- it was super fun.

If you've never had an origami party -- I highly recommend it. It's a good way to get to know your friends in a different way. We learned that most of are creative and rarely follow directions but we got to a crane at the end anyway -- there was much giggling. If you'd like to have your own origami party, check out this link for a video how-to.

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down and out chic said...

my boyfriend is in the process of making 1,000 origami cranes for his best friends wedding and they're so pretty! i'm a huge fan of origami but don't really have enough patience to do it myself.

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